Winner of The People's Choice Award 2018 at Art in The Hills Event!


Javad Ziaolhagh's Painting "Watsons Bay Waves" won "The People's Choice Award 2018" at Art in The Hills Event! 

Title: “Watsons Bay Waves”
Artist: Javad Ziaolhagh

Dimensions: 168cm x 168cm (including 7cm wide white canvas on each side)
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Awards: People's Choice Award, Art in the Hills 2018

“The painting depicts the dramatic splendour of the coastline at Watsons Bay. Blue waves smash against rocks, break into white foam, and draw back defeated, towards the ocean. It's a constant battle. I was so fascinated by the rush of waves; I could not leave. It was like watching a dance: the ocean and the rocks, the turbulence and stillness." - Javad Ziaolhagh

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I am impressed by your talent

on 9 March 2021
It is so nice to watch such beautiful creations.